Netflix launches custom downloads to mobile

Netflix Opened New functionality to automatically download new content to watch on your mobile app. For the first time, it is only available on Android but will arrive on iOS later this year.

They are called “custom downloads,” and they consist of automatically retrieving a movie from a smartphone or the first episode in a few series that, given their reading history, might appeal to the user.

Au départ on définit l’espace de stockage à consacrer à ces contenus, selon 3 paliers de 1, 3 ou 5 Go. L’écran indique au passage ce que cela peut représenter en termes de durée (12h de contenus environ pour 3 Go, for example). Downloads will then be performed automatically and over Wi-Fi only. In light of the footage provided by Netflix, each account registered with the app can have its own space.

This post comes on the heels of another, launched two years ago, in which an episode of a series is restored as soon as we finish seeing the previous episode. Today, as yesterday, it’s about ensuring that the user always has fresh content in his pocket.

Netflix, which has tested this functionality for some time and noticed a certain interest among American users, is specially designed for markets where communication conditions are not always ideal or are very expensive.

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