Make new from old: Huawei launched a new smartphone exchange program

Huawei launched a new smartphone replacement program in Germany. Along with Teqcycle, the experts in retrieval concepts, he was New location It was launched on the Huawei Online Store.

Customers receive a discount of up to 540 euros when exchanging their old devices and an additional 350 euros as a replacement bonus when purchasing a new Huawei smartphone – so that up to 890 euros can be saved. Especially practical: It doesn’t necessarily have to be the old smartphone I traded on from Huawei – iPhones and iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones, or devices from other manufacturers could be possible.

In order to protect the environment, Huawei promised to recycle customers’ old cell phones.

Trade in your old cell phone: this is how the new Huawei promo works

When purchasing a new Huawei smartphone, customers can save a lot of money on handing over an old device.

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To secure a payment or debit for the old device, you must On the promotion page First, the required new Huawei phone must be selected. On the next screen, click Yes under Trade-In. Then you choose which cell phone you want to replace.

Then some questions about the condition of the device must be answered, on the basis of which Huawei will later make an offer to the customer. Then the IMEI number should be entered – how to find out We explain it to you here.

The order can now be completed online, at which time the customer sends his old cell phone to Huawei and later receives a cash refund for the purchase of the new Huawei smartphone after the final evaluation of the residual value. According to Huawei, the new cell phone will then be delivered within one to three business days and it is free of charge.

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