Netflix launches short programs in portrait format for mobile platform users

Netflix switches to portrait mode on smartphones – Gecko

The streaming platform is launching another novelty on its mobile app. This is a new vertical format that allows you to watch short clips and have a sense of humor. A concept that inevitably reminds us of the hugely popular TikTok, a social network that continues to inspire adults.

Subscribers will be able to enjoy this laughing chunk from a new tab coming soon on the Netflix mobile app. From this section, users will be able to view the clips, save them and even share them on social networks.

Netflix strives to attract young audiences

Funny quotes can come from movies, but also from animated series or comics. We can cite remarkably The murder mysteryAnd the big mouth Or even offers by Kevin Hart and Ali Wong. Netflix says: “It goes without saying that not all clips will necessarily be suitable for all audiences.”

In addition to entertaining its subscribers and keeping up to date with the latest developments using a dynamic format that is very popular with young people, this new section is a good way for the platform to promote its various programs. If subscribers enjoyed clips, they might decide to watch the show, movie, or entire series.

The new feature will only be available initially on the iPhone. The streaming platform says tests are also planned for Android devices. So owners of Android smartphones will have to wait before they can take advantage of “Pour Rire”.

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