Netflix scam: Beware of emails announcing your subscription has expired

A new scam targeting subscribers of Netflix, the online video platform. Hackers are trying to recover your access codes and bank account details.

It is an email that is sent to your Netflix login address and should be handled with the utmost care. the site phoneandroid Alert about this new phishing attempt associated with Netflix accounts.

A “highly successful” hack attempt according to the specialist site indicating that the email “includes all the codes of the video platform” and invites you to renew your expired subscription. To do this, the site to which the subscriber was referred asks to enter his access codes and bank details.

This data is necessarily interesting to hackers who know that access tokens will be resold on dark web sites. As for the bank details, they will be used for unsupervised purchases.

If piracy was not new, until then it existed only in English. It has arrived in recent days in French, according to Phonandroid. And here again, the “work” of hackers is neat and a little-seeking Internet user can fall into the trap and steal his bank codes and details.

If several items can be put into alert status in the email body, the best way to check if you are the target of a scam is to connect directly to your Netflix platform without following the email link via the official website. Mobile application. If during this communication nothing indicates that your subscription has expired, the email received was fraudulent…

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