en-Bresse – Virtual reality in nursing homes: a challenge to be met

The institution invested in equipment to stimulate the population.

The confinement we lived through in 2020 left its mark in nursing homes. The doors of the establishments were closed overnight. More than ever, the public and residents had to be protected beyond complete isolation and the absence of all social ties. This is how the use of virtual reality first appeared in Montrevel and Foissiat, which were equipped with digital tablets to carry out Skype or WhatsApp with families. The Foundation decided to continue with this virtual reality. This is how the Motomed-Bikelabyrinth Labyrinth arrived. Under this complicated name, it actually hides a bike riding simulator that allows residents to engage in adaptive physical activity, virtually while traveling.

Therapy coach connected to a TV screen broadcasting a virtual walk. The goal is to mobilize the lower and/or upper limbs of the population. So they get physically active while having the chance to discover a hundred cities in the world, or even the bottom of the sea! This project was led by an occupational therapist jointly with facilitators. The equipment was provided free of charge for a 15-day trial in June 2020. After very positive feedback from the residents, the foundation started looking for a grant for you to get. The company was estimated at 11,880 euros, and was unable to fully fund the purchase. After several months of research and thanks to the participation of the Foundation Plus de vie Hôpital de Paris-Hôpitaux de France, the Foundation Crédit Agricole and ACEF (Union, Credit and Savings of Civil Servants), the foundation was able to collect €11,150 in support and the connected bike was delivered at the end of May 2021 to delight the athletes’ population! Currently, the Activ Tab magic table is being tested: this large interactive and virtual table. With many fun and virtual games, this tool helps stimulate the cognitive faculties of the elderly and introduce them to digital technology. It has been used both for the residents of the activity center and for proper care and for entertainment, the magic table has received very positive initial feedback. Of course, a similar process will begin to apply for grants.

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