New details between map size and open world content

From the columns of, Stephen Lungquist Test 101 does not only explain the cause Long media silence on Biomotent He also provided some interesting insights into the open world experience of living in his next ambitious action role.

During a lengthy interview with IGNCom’s editorial staff, the boss of THQ Nordic’s subsidiary confirmed that the title would be set on a roughly open world map Eight square kilometers. So the dimensions of Biomoton’s imaginary universe are comparable to the size of the Grand Theft Auto 4 map (8.06 sq km) than the first island of Fortnight Pataclia Real (5.5 sq km), but in any case significantly smaller than the head of Horizon Zero Dawn (22 km) Rather, Gerald did not mention The Witcher 3 (135 sq km, DLC included) or the large digital lands that Cassandra and Alexios Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (256 sq ft) could explore. Km).

What is important, however, is that Lungquist points out that the density of content and functions to be carried out within Biomoton’s virtual microenvironment is characterized by the topic’s free roaming experience. Tasks to capture outposts And tasks to be completed Secret areas of the map To get Special skills The Rare equipment.

All this, according to Experimental Studio Leader101, A rich story reflected in the experience: “If we only think about the script, remember how by the end of 2019 there was a plot of about 80/85,000 words like a novel, approaching 250,000 words in the final game. It was an important commitment to us, we wanted to finish that script.”.

In the depths of a more open world dynamic and key biomotive campaign, Lungquist confirms the existence Reactive karma system, Called ஆரா, Who will change based on the moral alignment of their actions and the hero’s close bond with different secondary characters to overcome in adventure. All this, and hopefully more, awaits us May 25 In the release Biology Thanks to the backward compatibility functionality of Sony and Microsoft next-gen consoles on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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