The Principality of Seborga: E-commerce of “Signed” NINA Devices Lands

E-commerce is also landing in the principality of Seborga. Princess Nina has created a virtual store where you can see and buy things with the colors and coat of arms of the principality, from the historic Luigino (a coin minted in the 17th century by the Seborga mint) to the white and blue mask. Online sales open today in the official online store of the Principality of Seborga, which can be accessed at

Here it will be possible to buy the classic tools of the emirate: there are, among other things, stamps, flags and tourist plates, as well as some clothing of an imperial character.

“About ten years ago, when I was not cooperating with the Seborga government, the emirate had already tried the e-store experiment, which unfortunately did not last long, mostly due to organizational difficulties in managing it. It was a shame because the idea was valid, which is why today we decided to take it up again in an organic and complete way – comments by Luca Pagani, Crown Communications consultant, who personally handled the project – In a difficult situation A period of travel, travel and tourism in general, we want to give our supporters and tourists a chance Buying our distinctive souvenirs, and providing online sales service that has now become “essential” in 2021. On the other hand, the online store can represent an indirect economic support for the emirate, which operates on a voluntary and free basis. Princess Nina is also satisfied: “Over the years many have asked us why there is no e-commerce site of our own: Now we are finally in the footsteps of the times. I hope there is good demand.” In Piazza della Liberta, the real ‘physical’ of the emirate will still be a factor as well. It is managed by Crown Counselor Mila Serra.

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