New free platform introduces 40+ new must-haves channels for Freebox Pop and mini 4K

New free platform introduces 40+ new must-haves channels for Freebox Pop and mini 4K

Pluto TV will be launched in France on February 8th, and the AVOD platform will be available exclusively on Android TV, and therefore should be available on Freebox Pop and mini 4K.

The platform owner, ViacomCBS Networks International, today announced the launch of Pluto TV in France on February 8th. The service will be free and paid for by advertising (AVOD), and will be available on “all screens”, meaning TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers connected via pluto.TV. You can access it on Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast as well as from Through mobile phone applications. Hence, this platform should be available on Freebox Pop, or even mini 4K, depending on which Android TV version is required for compatibility with the app.

What is Pluto TV?

Designed as a new concept of line television, this platform provides more than 40 specially designed channels for users. Among this catalog, you’ll find Pluto TV Ciné, Pluto TV Action, and Pluto TV Drama, all released in August with shows covering the most popular genres to satisfy all your desires.

ViacomCBS Networks International announced that it has formed partnerships withA large number of international and French publishers and distributors […] In order to provide a variety of contentNote that there will be no account necessary to access this platform, because the reward will only be through an advertisement. The platform has already been launched in the United Kingdom, Germany and Latin America and has nearly 36 million active users worldwide. The next country targeted by it. Pluto TV: Italy, with plans to launch at the end of 2021.

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