When rehabilitation goes through virtual reality

The new equipment should increase the reputation of the functional rehabilitation center at Francis Valls Hospital in Port La Nouvel, in Oud.

This “small enterprise” that includes an Ehpad with an Alzheimer’s treatment unit and a follow-up care and rehabilitation unit, has just got a virtual reality machine … “It’s a relatively big investment for us, we are a small building with 40 beds in hospitals and 10 places In the day hospitals … But we do not regret it. After three weeks of use, it turned out that we saved 50% of the rehabilitation time, “explains the neurologist at the institution, Dr. Hafida Touzani.

The specialist, who specializes in stroke and treatment of its after effects, recalls that “the first three weeks of rehabilitation are crucial and determine the maximum recovery”.

“I discovered the device developed by Virtualis first in Perpignan, then in Montpellier. My colleagues were clear about its effectiveness. I was immediately convinced,” she explains. This tool is not only used for stroke rehabilitation. It is used to get patients to work in the field of orthopedics, after amputation, but also to stimulate patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis …

There are different programs based on diseases, with several levels of difficulty. All based on immersion in virtual reality. “No matter how old a patient is, the sessions generate motivation,” said Dr. Touzani and Lawrence Dietner, director of physical therapy at the hospital.

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And why does it work so well? “This makes it possible to create the neurological capacity for healing,” says Hafiza Touzani.

“The patient with phlegmon was immersed in a virtual reality activity that required the use of both hands. After a 30-minute session, he really regained the sensations in his paralyzed hand,” says the doctor.

All of the caregivers in the unit have already adopted this new tool, which also has the advantage of providing compelling patient statistics. “Each session is analyzed by the program and the progress is translated into graphs that further enhance the motivation of the patients,” Hafida Touzani rejoices.

Requests should be pouring in at Francis Valls to test this care. To answer this, work is underway to form a mobile team.

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