New game trailer: Is the Amazon gaming hack finally coming?

Amazon has released a trailer for its upcoming game online. It will be interesting.

Amazon, screenshot

“New World” – that’s the name of the new multiplayer game that Amazon plans to release this summer. The starting date is currently August 31, 2021. The tension in the group games team is likely to be enormous. After all, Amazon has been in the video game sector for years, has its own development studio and has made big advertisements from time to time in the past.

However, some projects were crushed before they were released or received such miserable marks from players in the audition or initial stage to the point that they were also buried. On the gaming scene, Amazon’s past (unsuccessful) attempts were not smiled in vain. Another failure would be a major setback for Amazon’s gaming department.

A tough start for the “New World” at Amazon

With the “New World” everything should improve. The “New World” is supposed to open a new chapter that will finally bring Amazon the long-awaited glories of gaming. It remains to be seen if this really works in the summer. In any case, the game’s first steps did not go completely smoothly: according to media reports, it had to go through some fundamental changes, as there were allegations of racism with the aim of setting and history of colonialism.

Amazon is now providing some deeper insights into the upcoming game in a teaser trailer. curtain:

“New World” as a blooming dessert

What you can see from the trailer: “The New World” wants to be a lot, but it’s not boring. Obviously, the creators have put together a colorful mixture of a huge range of different game genres, ages, famous locations and game characters, which one does not know if they will harmoniously fit together in the end: at first glance there are miserable scenes and idyllic forests, impressive ruins of great cultures and stormy seas. There appear to be warriors, settlers, knights, witches, undead animals, monsters and demons. With a little bit of everything, it might pop up if the game doesn’t even know what it wants it to be …

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While the trailer contains some impressive in-store scenes, in stark contrast to this, the game’s short sequences stand out even more, which seem like low-budget projects. It really is a colorful and massive pop candy that Amazon brings us here. We hope the company can tell a good story, create a convincing feel for the game and offer players a worthwhile adventure. Anyway, the time has come …

Publication date: May 14, 2021

/ written by Tina Plowinski

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