Virtual Reality | Quebec Provides $ 8 Million To Félix & Paul Studio

Montreal studio Félix & Paul’s ambitious virtual reality project focused on the International Space Station received a boost Friday from Quebec, which announced a reimbursable 8 million financial support.

Karim BenessaiehKarim Benessaieh

The project, valued at 38.6 million, aims to capture images of the space station’s exterior. We also want to adapt the technology to produce in-vehicle virtual reality experiences for future lunar missions.

It is estimated that the project will provide eight permanent jobs, in addition to the 30 contractors contracted to design it. Part of the financial support consists of a loan whose interest rate has not been disclosed, and the other is a loan that can be converted into studio stocks, explained at a press conference, Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation.

“This project makes Quebec shine internationally in the field of high-quality multimedia production. […] Aim for the stars, reach the moon takes its full meaning with the Félix & Paul projects. He pointed out that it would be “a Quebec camera that will allow the whole world to see the first woman to set foot on the surface of the moon.”

For Félix & Paul, this augmentation from Quebec would first allow a virtual reality camera to be sent into the void of space for five days, then allow the work to be distributed, added Stefan Ritwitt, co-founder and CEO. . “We intend to bring millions of spectators to experience the human adventure of exploring space in a unique and immersive way,” he said.

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The Phi Center will also present a world premiere this summer, in collaboration with Félix & Paul, the INFINITY Gallery, which specifically includes unpublished photos of Space explorersGuided tour of the International Space Station in 2019 with astronaut David Saint Jacques.

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