New leak claims that Spider-Man will be the next DLC, followed by Black Panther

With accumulated delays due to updates that patch the game, the Marvel’s Avengers It hasn’t grown much since its launch. If we now expect Hawkeye to be in mid-March, players will also be watching for characters appear in the game, such as Spider-Man or Captain Marvel. Miller, A well-known data maker to the gaming community, posted new information, captured by Forbes, which indicates the next characters’ release order, which has clearly changed.

Peter before T’Challa?

Then he indicated in his tweet to that Spider-Man will finally come out before the Black PantherDue to the previously mentioned postponements. Since Spidey’s presence in the game is a bargain with Sony, his access to the game would likely be subject to a clause, a contract that would render Crystal Dynamics unable to return him as well … easily from other characters.

Here’s the character exit order indicated by the data operator, after Hawkeye:

  1. Spider Man
  2. Black Panther
  3. Strong woman
  4. Winter soldier
  5. Captain Marvel
  6. War machine

Note that all of this has not yet been confirmedAnd that the data operator considers himself amazed at the change of place between Peter Parker and Tishala, but he is still 90% sure of what he says. She-Hulk and Bucky Barnes’ rankings can also be changed.

The complex case of Spider-Man

Forbes Then it is estimated that if we follow the schedule, We could have Spider-Man in June 2021, and Black Panther in September. However, That guess is still based on the current pace of the DLC release, Which was greatly shaken by the launch and release of next-generation versions.

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It would be safer to say that, on the contrary, it will accelerate, and characters can come out faster. Plus, since Spider-Man is exclusive to PlayStation, It wouldn’t be reasonable to leave the PC, Xbox, and Stadia players without any new characters for 6 months.

Everything indicates that apart from the real limitations, Crystal Dynamics would have an interest in launching Spider-Man in a launch window close enough to another character, so as not to hurt players who don’t play on PlayStation too much.

We’ll actually be waiting for Hawkeye to arrive on March 18th to get an idea of ​​the future of the game and the accessibility of these characters, and if the PS5 and Xbox Series releases will help revive the atmosphere a bit. Marvel’s Avengers.

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