New logo and guest of new countries like Africa

2022 is the year of Japan’s big comeback to the Villepinte Exhibition Center, and we’ve known that for several months now. If the organizers gave a snapshot a few weeks ago, it was determined that the event would not take place at the beginning of July as we used to, but from 14 to 17 July inclusive. Changing the date could have an effect on attendance, as scholars of the era may have already left to enjoy the sunshine. While waiting to see if the show will break the record for visitors this year, the organizers have just revealed the show’s new logo, more modern, to celebrate renewal and the new era. A motto accompanied by a phoenix as a totem to celebrate the rebirth and the desire to bring together all the fans of Japanese culture and the culture of nerds.


We have chosen this new logo to accompany the Japan Expo for years to come. We have chosen 3 symbolic elements of Japan, the land of the mountain, the water of the ocean and the fire of the sun. The mountain represents Mount Fuji, the ocean is omnipresent and restores the land to its island state, and the Hi no Maru sun disk that rises, are all symbols that make Japan in all its aspects. We’ve kept the Japan Expo and its line, to celebrate continuity in modernity.

Organizers take the opportunity to introduce “Amazing”, a new brand that is part of the fair, in order to welcome new countries and continents, such as South Korea, Africa and the United States. So Amazing is there to offer entertainment and other kiosks different from what Japan already offers us. Fans of k-pop, Marvel or even Harry Potter will have access to the dedicated spaces, whether it is cinema, series, video games, books, multimedia or even virtual reality, in short, all areas are now involved and interconnected. Beware of off topic…

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