We tested the Brignoles Fair treasure hunt

The cook of Taranto, who answers the name Nine, offers us her help, and frankly, given the reptilian face, alluring smile and laughing eyes, it is hard to refuse. Party in a kind of re-readingAlice in WonderlandHere we are on a crazy adventure to find a forgotten name and recipe.

This is how the treasure hunt begins in the Foire de Brignoles all week. Armed with his phone on which he had previously downloaded the app, the player would have to orient himself in a pit maze, gobbling up a series of paths and solving puzzles, often easy, to eventually achieve victory and, perhaps, win one of the prizes thrown out for the occasion.

Activity for the whole family

This is the first year that such an experiment has been held at the fair. A way for organizers to meet the expectations of a family audience. This was explained by Audrey Falco, from the Provence-Verdun Tourist Office: “When the gallery asked us for such a service, it was for this: to provide a fun activity for families.” But this is not the only goal.

“With this app, the idea was also to highlight our partners and take advantage of the game to raise participants’ awareness of specific issues, such as waste management, or forest fires…” After each stage, the text makes it possible to deepen certain topics, or discover the products presented in the stands in an educational way. More pragmatically, the purpose of the application was also “To circulate the people at the fair”.

Lots of little nose in the screen

After we rub shoulders with experience, we can actually confirm that the game makes us fun. Guided by audio-visual indicators, sometimes with the help of augmented reality, with your smartphone in front of your eyes you can walk through the corridors of the exhibition, between two puzzles, a rebus type or a maze …

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Et si la formule qui permettrait de sortir de cette expérience uniquement numérique n’est pas encore trouvée (on passe l’essentiel de son temps les yeux devant l’écran), il faut reconnaître qu’une foisura terminésé, no le parc Everywhere.

The goal achieved, then, of the treasure hunt at the fair, which ends with a new puzzle: what is this unknown dish that the happy animal wants to prepare? Gourmet notice…

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