New nPerf 100 Gb/s server launched for throughput testing for Freebox and Free Mobile subscribers

Free acquires a second nPerf server in Paris to improve the accuracy and reliability of participant tests.

And one more. Almost 3 years after launching the first 40Gbps nPerf test server in Paris, Free is opening a new direct route for its subscribers. New nPerf 100 Gb/s Server for Free Throughput Tests Back. It will allow you to run your own speed tests to get the perfect conditions. On July 11, the official account Free_1337 was announced on X.

The new nPerf server dedicated to Freebox and Free Mobile subscribers allows them to test their internet connection speed more reliably and accurately than any other server. Ideal for testing mobile and fixed 4G and 5G (Wi-Fi) connections, the nPerf tool measures data download and upload speeds, latency, as well as connection quality for video and audio streaming services.

Using an nPerf server, Freenauts can get a full assessment of their internet connection performance, allowing them to better understand potential connection issues. The operator also has 10Gbps nPerf servers in Fort-de-France in Martinique, Saint-Denis in Reunion, and Baie-Mahault in Guadeloupe.

This article was reprinted on Univers FreeBox.

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