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Continue the series Behind the scenes videos From Gran Turismo7 Presented by Kazunori Yamauchi. Today’s video is about Scapes Photo mode New racing game exclusively for PS5 and PS4.

After talking to us about Dualsense’s Livary and Functional Editor, Yamauchi joins us today with great interest in photography. On the other hand, when you love a car, it is natural to want to take photos of it in different parts of the world.

To do this, players can use Scopes, Gran Turismo 7’s photo mode, you can freely photograph your cars in more than 2,500 locations scattered over 43 different countries. In addition to the standard functions found in photography systems found in other video games, Scapes guarantees photorealistic results through the use of HDR technology and radiating, professional effects and banning.

We remind you that Gran Turismo 7 is available exclusively for PS5 and PS4. March 4, 2022. Pre-orders and the 25th anniversary edition of the Standard Edition will be available in a few weeks, ending with the pre-order bonus.

If this video is not enough for you, we recommend behind-the-scenes videos of the Gran Turismo 7 dedicated to car parking and the complete gameplay philosophy with the PS5 version of the gameplay.

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