Next Digital Publishing has acquired Mister Gadget and relaunched the brand.

The Next Digital Publishing Team

Mr. Gadget, a tech blog founded by journalist and radio host Luca Viscardirenew itself and become MisterGadget.Tech, a true niche magazine with a dedicated editorial staff and a special installation studio that wants to carve out a prominent space in the panorama of Italian technological publishing.

The relaunch of the brand coincides with its acquisition by Next for digital publishing, an innovative start-up with a cutting-edge publishing model that includes, in addition to Viscardi himself, two highly experienced professionals in the Italian publishing scene, Massimo Pietro Colombo e Jonah Grinned. The former worked in managing major Italian publishing groups, which deal mainly with marketing and advertising (among other things, he was CEO of كان compass and general manager of The only 24 ore group), the second was the head of the technology department of the Italian branch of Hearst.

“We are aware of the emerging difficulties, but we are happy to take on this new challenge that bets on the fact that in this new digital age, with a different approach and technology, even the publishing business can become profitable again – he states Massimo Pietro ColomboDi ،, founder and CEO Next for digital publishing (In the picture below) -. First of all, it is a cultural change, an innovation process that puts technology first, enhances journalistic work without comparing it to the work of contributors and is commonly driven by data. It is the result of understanding and “exploiting” a complex and detailed digital ecosystem, as well as searching for new and different ways to monetize, in a delicate and delicate balance between the interests of users and businesses.”

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The new MisterGadget.Tech is a kind of editorial model statement proposed by Next Digital Publishing.

Site (In the image below, a screenshot of the main page) Conceptually highly polished, with a new brand identity developed by the agency Raccoont, under the creative direction of Giandomeniico Puglisi, and a new claim that evokes the editorial style of your “technical best friend”. It has a vocal identity and logo specially created by musician and composer Giovanni Schiffano (Sounddrivemotion), to sign and accompany audio and video production with video shooting specially edited by black orange studio.

Compared to the old blog setup, the graphics of the website, which is now mobile first, and the organization of the contents are new. At the same time, a new presence was launched on social networks, a significant investment was made to produce videos and podcasts according to the new formats, the creation of a completely new editorial office and installation studio.

All this thanks to a team that can already count on seven professionals, more and less young, all experts and enthusiasts of multimedia publishing, determined to reach ambitious editorial goals and at the same time develop the most effective communication opportunities for the entire brands. Respecting users’ rights, with a real ethical commitment and transparency.

So the show works addressable display In software but, above all, Branded contentAnd the affiliations e data optimization from users in fully GDPR compliant methods.

In-service podcast production for third parties and from the fall the launch of an exclusive web video series on technical topics with the dual aim of providing information or, better yet, educational entertainment on issues related to digitization that are not yet clear and discounted to the greats for the public (but only professionals) and provide solutions and products that are tangible and available Constantly promoted by partner companies, ready for adoption.

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MisterGadget.Tech Therefore, it aims to become a reference point for digitization, the discovery of novelties and the selection of technical products and services, and at the same time, a new opportunity for companies to communicate and promote in the best way and at a competitive cost commensurate with the results, products and technical services of the target audience, attentive and above all interested, aware and engaged.

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“Today, in addition to being able to write, it is essential to be multimedia, you have to know how to be on video and be able to record a podcast. You have to see and think about the publishing world starting with the smartphone and consider your audience a community, people close to people Who you share common interests and values ​​with whom you interact with and compare, ready, when and if necessary, even switching roles – comments Luca Viscardi, founder and editor-in-chief MisterGadget.Tech -. Technology mediates journalistic work, but not for the sake of this distortion, it simply repaints it. In the same way, it is no longer possible to think of a separate world or worse than the investing companies, which are instead an integral part, albeit with different roles and devices, of the same society. The ability to turn a habitual passion into a business is at the same time a great motivator, responsibility and privilege.”

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