Nightwish: 150,000 fans watch a live broadcast

Nightwish had two amazing live shows this past weekend – May 28 and 29. The whole thing was clearly a very successful project. Because According to a report in the Helsinki Times 150,000 viewers watched the first night alone. In doing so, the Finns achieved the record for the largest paying audience in their home country.

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Most of the fans came from Europe and North America, but in total, Nightwish fans from 108 countries bought tickets for the Internet show. Tuomas Holopainen and Co. can also feel. Satisfied from a financial point of view: the box office score is more than € 1 million. The group had put up the two-and-a-half-hour wagons with slightly different menus under the slogan “An Evening with a Nightwish in a Virtual World”. About 30 3D programmers and designers have created the virtual world that Nightwish played in the fictional pub “The Islanders Arms,” ​​among other places. They used realistic scanning processes and the Unreal Engine, which is used in computer and video games.

The two streaming shows were produced by the entire team agency Zoan and management company Till Dawn They Count. Preparations lasted six months. Comments by drummer Nightwish Kai Hato: “It’s definitely one of the coolest things we’ve done with the band. When the visuals, technology and music come together so well it becomes a unique experience.” But that’s not all: a new musician celebrated Nightwish’s live premiere at the two concerts. Guitarist Jukka Koskinen (Wintersun) will replace Marco Hitala for the time being, who announced he’s leaving Nightwish in January.

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