Nintendo is blocking switch games from the extreme eShop discount

When Nintendo Switch An excellent system, one of its biggest drawbacks should be ESHAP. Not only is it slow and hard to navigate, but some tabs – like the best sellers or best deals page – are often filled with quality dubious games. Games are only known because if the developers set a small amount for you, you can handle the system and top the rankings regardless of quality. After all, what should potential buyers lose when a game costs only a penny?

Well, things seem to be changing – it’s been a while Recent report in Simon Carlos’ Game Discover Go newsletter. According to Carlos, Nintendo previously had a grip on allowing games that cost one percent off the best sellers list. In fact, when I tested the Polygon on Thursday afternoon, there were only at least 99 1.99 and above games listed on the Nintendo Switch Eshop Bestsellers tab.

Big deals start with changes to the tab, which often cost at least 99 1.99 with well-known games or discounted titles. Nintendo did not immediately comment. It is true that 99 1.99 is still cheaper for a video game, but having at least one list of qualifiers will help stop some Shenanigans.

A stop cap has been put in place to allow developers to offer 100% “discounts” to players who already own a game from their list. Given Current sales success of Nintendo Switch, With the number of games being released each week, it’s no surprise that game creators are looking for every benefit they can get.

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Veronica Tucker

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