‘Death Stranding’ PC update ‘Cyberbunk 2077’ adds trips and gear

Kojima Productions did not Death Stranding. Today, Developer announced A special link for the PC version adds some Cyberpunk 2077Thematic content. According to To IGN, Which includes currently unknown characters and some new works from the CD Project Red title. In addition, players can unlock a special reverse trick vehicle. (If the three-wheeler is familiar, that’s because CD Project is Red Tweeted a picture of Death Stranding Director Hideo Kojima sits down earlier this year.) Death Stranding players can equip special holograms, sunglasses worn by Robot Guy and Johnny Silverhand, and a variety of inspired fashion items. Cyberpunk 2077.

This is not the first time these worlds have passed. Shortly after its release, Cyberpunk 2077 Players Kojima noticed that he had a small appearance During the mission of The Heist. If you do not care Cyberpunk, Always is The Half-life And Web HomeThematic content It was released earlier this year. But, just like today CyberpunkUpdated update, which is currently exclusive to the PC version. Kojima Productions is yet to confirm whether the update on the PlayStation 4 will eventually be released. If you haven’t played the game yet, this is currently a 50 percent discount at Steam and Epic Game Store. Although not for everyone, Its picture-meeting-hiking-simulator Undoubtedly unique.

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Veronica Tucker

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