Nintendo Switch OLED 1,800 hours in direct operation, to see if the screen is damaged –

Nintendo Switch OLED, As it is easy to guess from the name, it is fitted with OLED screen. Initially, some enthusiasts were concerned about the risk of this type of screen being damaged after prolonged use. To answer this question, a YouTuber left 1,800 hours on console.

Question youtube Wolf Ten, Which drives the Nintendo Switch OLED to 1,800 and uses the Horizon Splitpad Controller to turn on the computer all the time while charging, using The Legend of Zelda’s Breath of the Wild game screen shot.

The result? Here are Denin’s words: “There was no difference in the color experiments I did, and after about 2,000 hours of burning there were no noticeable burns. The only difference he noticed was the ceiling of the white sanctuary, which was slightly darker and slightly greener than the blue-white.”

“… with 2000 hours on a game, if you’re worried about the OLED burn-in on your switch, I think you might relax a bit. I do not think it’s a practical concern for anyone. I think it might be 10. You can see, it’s in bright mode, some are burning, but most people have nothing to worry about. ”

Ten is going Proceed with the test Let’s see what happens, but now we can say that the Nintendo Switch OLED screen will not have the effect of burning quickly.

Veronica Tucker

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