Xiaomi smartphone at the end of the run: Unmodified models from November are here

The Chinese Mi community has announced the end of software support for some Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi smartphones at the end of support (Adobe Stock)

Siomi He has Recently announced Its option to change the pre-registration of software updates extends the most recent support period I 11T And next Primary Chinese company. On the one hand we will definitely make progress in a significant field, on the other hand we will have to deal with the end of the update cycle for some of the oldest smartphones marketed by Shenzhen.

As can be seen from a recent post MI Chinese Community, Owners of the entire series Xiaomi Mi9 And Redmi Note 8 Pro / Redmi Note 8 They will no longer receive software updates starting from the next November 27. In other words, these devices will not be updated next time MIUI 13, Whose introduction is scheduled to take place in early 2022. The announcement in question only applies to models marketed in China, but it is likely to be affected – pending official confirmation – of devices available on the old continent. Also, these smartphones were already cut Unofficial list Pre-existing devices to get the new device MIUI 13.

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Xiaomi smartphone, a list of models that are no longer updated

Xiaomi smartphones will no longer be updated
Full Mi 9 series no longer updated in China (Adobe Stock)

Since these are smartphones with more than two years of Xiaomi policies and software support required by almost all Android manufacturers, the choice to stop the distribution of updates is obvious. The devices are still very valid for everyday use, but unfortunately “suffocate” by support strategies that are greatly affected by the policies Chip companies (Qualcomm and MediaTek, so to speak): In this sense, OEMs can sometimes be a little manipulative if those who initially set up some dictates are “from above”. Hopefully in the future we can improve this point and the path taken by Siomi I 11T That is certainly noteworthy.

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Returning to the main topic, Chinese models Xiaomi smartphones will no longer be updated from November 27th, summarized below:

  • Xiaomi Mi9
  • Xiaomi Mi9d
  • Xiaomi Mi 9D Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi9 Lite
  • Xiaomi Mi9SE
  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro

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We are waiting for the official information regarding the models marketed in Europe. E.g., Xiaomi Mi9 Introduced with Android 9 and MIUI 10 and recently acquired the latest Android 11 with the MIUI 12.5 interface,

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