Nintendo Switch: Update now allows the use of Bluetooth headphones

After updating to version 13.0.0, the Nintendo Switch can now be used with Bluetooth headsets. For some players, this functionality comes too late – the console has been in its first version since 2017 and few people crave this option.

The new update now not only allows wireless listening but also changes the handling of using WLAN in standby or so-called sleep mode. Changing this function may shorten annoying update pauses just before the game starts.

As Nintendo explains, only two wireless controllers may be connected to the adapter to use a Bluetooth headset. Pairing is initiated manually via system settings.

If players want the console to remain inactive during a game break, the standby function can now be used differently. Instead of using the internet connection only intermittently in this mode, it can be active continuously. Then new updates are also downloaded in standby mode. The function is activated by default. So if you prefer to maintain the choppy, energy-saving internet connection, then step in after the update.

Another menu item allows dockyard updates using the LAN port and the controllers’ calibration has been changed slightly. You can also see what frequency band the console is using – 2.4GHz or 5GHz.


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