Nivernais Stéphane Villain created Carapaces, a game that combines construction, puzzles and puzzles

Fans of Brinon-sur-Beuvron’s Petites Rêveries, Balkan Festival and local Stéphane Villain know well. We are used to seeing him install umbrellas, sound system, serve keg beer, and welcome and serve artists. But it has multiple strands for its arc. For nearly twenty years, he had been dividing his time between Paris and the small village of Takonnay in the Biofron Valley.

Very invested in his municipality, he supports collective initiatives. It is believed that culture and musical expression are essential to local life. “In our countryside we do not have many options, with the permanent decline of public services, unfortunately, it is becoming more and more up to us, as citizens, to devise and implement solutions, for everyday life as well as culture.”

In 2019, together with all the actors in the local cultural scene, he founded Les Cultivacteurs, which brings together no fewer than a dozen cultural and artistic buildings in the Tannay-Brinon-Corbigny commune community. Sacred wealth.

The man who needs freedom, a space to practice his art. After training as a mechanical engineer with an industrial design option and a few years of work, he established his own company in the digital world, where he exercised his talents as a graphic designer.

Triangles of ten different sizes to collect

Who does not recognize the posters and programs of the Petites Rêveries at first glance? Color, dynamism and joy set them apart. And there, recently, at home Dog Factory online game store, Which was founded with Romain-Guirec Piotte, has just finished a very original building puzzle game, Carapaces, consisting of triangles of ten different sizes to collect.

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We get, as we wish, a pig, a unicorn, a gorilla, abstract shapes. “Triangles are the geometric shape used to design 3D objects. Modeling with low definition (with few triangles) has always produced very artistic results and inspired many artists,” the designer explains. “One day I said to myself that it would be nice to be able to create your own sculptures out of triangles, and this is how Carapaces was born. We launched crowdfunding on the French platform ulule and collected nearly a thousand contributors.”

Carapaces “and all Doug Factory games are actually made in France.” A specialized organization is required to help with the work, “he explains.

Everywhere I started pointing out the game. Stéphane Villain explains: “There are three side lengths and ten different triangles, and squares have one hundred triangles.” “The last shape is like origami. It is very beautiful, sophisticated and decorative.” Perfect during curfews and long winter evenings.

How can I get it? The public can purchase triangle boxes from Doug Factory From 35 €.

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