Virtual worlds come true in Straubing City Library

Every Friday afternoon, City Library offers an open virtual reality gaming meeting for everyone who has always wanted to try out virtual reality glasses. With these glasses, you can easily move away into the most diverse virtual (game) worlds and be mesmerized by tension, intrigue and emotions.

Straubing. Regardless of whether you have a lot of skill smashing blocks at the right stroke with laser swords, shooting angry birds at pigs, going on wild roller coaster rides or experiencing the sky over Paris as an eagle – everything is possible.

But what is virtual reality anyway? Virtual reality or virtual reality (VR) describes the digital environment that helps create a new world that can – but not necessarily – be based on the real world. For example, you can dive into fantastic underwater worlds or float weightless in space. The combination of image and sound gives the user a sense of a new reality and a new reality. This effect is called immersion: fully immersed in the new environment, the player is supposed to be right in the middle, although in reality he is only sitting on his couch at home. So-called virtual reality glasses make this possible.

If you want to experience this feeling on your own and you don’t have your own virtual reality glasses at home, you can test Playstation 4 glasses for free at City Library every Friday from 2 PM until 4 PM. However, there are also rules to keep in mind: Since it is especially difficult for children to separate virtual and realistic experiences, 3D glasses are only allowed from the age of 12. In addition, play can lead to headache, nausea, and problems with balance, which is why it should be stopped after 30 minutes at the latest.

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By displaying games, the city library has long made a valuable contribution to promoting media culture and, above all, it wants to enable children and youth from socially disadvantaged families to participate in cultural and digital life.

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