No internet, no phone: Dozens of families in Michelstadt have been without contact for weeks |

Home office, home education, vaccination registration, and boredom killer: the internet is more important than ever in shutdown. In the small town of Odenwald, many citizens were forced to dispense with it for five weeks.

Weiten-Gesäß is an area in Michelstadt, about 1,000 people there live on a south-facing slope, with lots of woodland around, and it couldn’t be much nicer in Odenwald. But this year is one nuisance for a few dozen broad buttocks: the epidemic and lockdown have lasted for too long, and the associated communication restrictions have not even been able to connect the population with technical means since mid-January. About 30 families have been without internet and landline for five weeks.

On Wednesday, January 13th, network operator Deutsche Telekom announced that water had penetrated a cable and paralyzed it. Then frost, snow and ice came and, according to the company, prevented a quick fix. When technicians repaired the damage on Feb.2, it was just a false success against the elements. A Telekom spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, the cable has again become unusable due to the water leakage.”

Telekom wants to fix it this week

And now the damage will be finally fixed on Thursday of this week, but the affected broad buttocks have cast doubts over the weeks about such promises. Angered Mayor Peter Hartung in the echo of Darmstadt: “This no longer makes sense!”

“Some people are really desperate,” said the affected citizen, Sonia Rig. The reforms were announced and postponed several times. For example, your son is not given February 25 as the next date, but March 3.

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If you work at home, you must purchase additional data for your mobile phone and set up a personal hotspot. This is not a substitute for streaming movies and series. Rigg said the elderly neighbors were worried about how to seek help in an emergency. Not everyone has a mobile phone. The red cross emergency call also doesn’t work. “Five weeks is too long!”

Broadcast: 4 pm, February 24, 2021, 2:40 pm

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