No one buys it but it is a very flowering winter balcony plant that can be grown in September

In the summer, full of colorful plants and flowers, it is not so difficult to be on a balcony or in a garden to make anyone jealous.

In the summer, in fact, spoiled for choice.

You need to know what is best for your area, between light, shade and humidity, and the color touch that will amaze everyone.

Winter, on the other hand, can be very frightening even for those who can boast of green thumbs.

Encouraging clouds, rays of sunlight, plenty of rain and cold.

But there is also the certainty that the beauty of flowering and beautiful plants like summer cannot be found in one’s garden.

However, winter can bring many pleasures; But from September onwards you should choose one that is suitable for harsh climates and start looking after new crops.

No one buys it but it is a very flowering winter balcony plant that can be grown in September

Many people decide to play safely by buying and cultivating classics Winter and ornamental plants, Easily, creates mesmerizing flowers.

An alternative, however, may be less well known, but equally effective.

This is a very special Erica, a Lush Widespread in Africa and Northern Europe, it has countless varieties, all of which are beautiful.

It is a small plant, with slender and woody branches covered with small green and needle-like leaves.

On each branch, innumerable purple, pink and, in rarer versions, white flowers bloom in winter.

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It is a very hardy plant that blooms with fluctuations in temperature of 15 to 7 degrees.

It does not like direct light and prefers moist and airy environment.

Taking care of Erica

This plant is very easy to maintain.

Erica should flow regularly but without exaggeration and, above all, take care not to stagnate on the plate.

The most suitable soil for long and fertile coexistence is gravel, peat or sandy loam soil.

Aside from the fact that it should be planted in mid-September, its pruning takes place once a year, immediately after flowering.

Also, it can be fertilized in the summer but it is not mandatory if the right soil is selected in the beginning.

Two unavoidable tips

The Erica plant is certainly not called an exotic plant.

However, its simplicity wins out.

They have its small and delicate flowers, soft or bright colors that stand out even on gray days.

No one buys it but it is a plant that can be grown in September, which is the most flowering winter balcony, full of natural beauty, will be envied by anyone.

Industrial experts, in a breathtaking view, recommend combining several plants of Erica one after the other in the same color.

Finally, to make the plant stand out in a chic way, it is recommended to choose a vase reminiscent of the colors of flowers: purple or pink.

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