Arndtbrück: In virtual reality during the holidays

Whether it’s sewing with rural women, a shooting experience at a shooting club or virtual reality goggles: Erndtebrücker’s holiday games offered a variety.

There has never been a boredom in holiday games in Erndtebrück – you can sew pencil bags with rural women, try shooting at the Erndtebrück shooting club or plunge into the virtual world with OKJA.

Nah- Workshop

The rural women of Erndtebrücker immersed themselves in the world of sewing with seven girls and two boys. Today’s hit: a handmade pencil case. At the Protestant Youth House, there was a wide variety of threads, fabrics, and ribbons from which participants could gather the appropriate materials. From the outline, the floral, with the text to the plaid fabrics, a large collection was opened, of which the children made rectangles at first

Cut to size.

The front and back form the basis for a single pencil case. An introduction to the handling of sewing machines on site is given – thread can be started, bobbin inserted and stitched. The rural women, around chief Renate Schmidt, were always on the side and were able to pass some advice on to the young seamstresses. The individual pen compartments are made with stitching. Many unique items, which can be folded and tied with a beautiful ribbon, were created in this way.

The tailoring show was so popular that it was fully booked after only a few minutes. Rinat Schmidt is pleased with such great interest: “It is wonderful that so many children find each other so quickly that we can teach sewing. Sewing is quite popular again today and it makes sense to pass on tips and tricks that we used to learn at school or from mom or grandmother. I am happy That the children were there with great joy.”

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In previous years, too, rural women created wonderful workshops for Erndtebrück’s children, such as “old games” where they were played outside, knitting scarves or weaving Boshi hats.


Shooting at the Erndtebrück Shooting Club was under a bad star: shortly before the event, there was another storm warning. Fortunately, there was no bad weather and four participants attended to receive instructions in shooting with red dots.

Some of the participants already had previous shooting experience and in a very short time amazing accuracy was achieved, which amazed the Erndtebrück shooting club supervisors.

virtual reality workshop

As part of this workshop, eight young people had the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of virtual reality: simply put on your glasses and you will be in a whole new world. Games as well as educational videos were tried using glasses. For the participants to be able to do the activity themselves, 360-degree camera videos were also created.

Young people can then look around. The workshop was carried out by OKJA Erndtebrück under the supervision of Benjamin Ehmeg and Maurice de Beut. The volunteers also helped ensure that everything ran smoothly. For him: “Virtual reality has long ceased to be a game, but a technology that is increasingly finding its way into training and work. This will become even more important in the future. At the same time, many young people do not have access to expensive equipment. That is why we use glasses over and over again. whether during the holidays or during the working hours of the youth club.

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