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Jim Ryan Gave a long interview to GamesIndustry.biz this week, which revealed a lot of interesting information, but some unleashed Controversy, Especially to the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, especially on the concept of the lack of video games Middle East Before the PlayStation and the size of the markets in Russia and Spain.

Apparently, even in this case, it’s about To explain Jim Ryan’s words actually taken may actually seem out of place but its meaning needs to be reworked. “In the Middle East, people have never tried video games before the PlayStation”, especially the sentence uttered by the head of SIE in the interview, which provoked many reactions.

After all, the well-known indie developer is particularly notable Rami Ismail, Who pointed out that video games were really enjoyed before the advent of the PlayStation, but IGN site and others to mention what Atari, Nintendo Famicom and Sega Mega Drive looked like.

Even the fact that describes the markets Spain and Russia With the advent of the PlayStation they have generated some criticism as they were too small and underdeveloped, although the claim in this case was measured a little more by Ryan.

Obviously, Sony has to explain everything to find out the meaning of the words of the leader of Interactive Entertainment: the truth is, thanks to the supply chain, it has already thanked other consumer electronics segments, and above all Sony was a pro Very wide distribution And with the arrival of the PlayStation in these regions, especially in the Middle East and some parts of Europe, Ryan followed directly over all the officers of the consoles, in the EMEA area.

However, even in this case, Jim Ryan’s tendency to speak directly without measuring words, despite his position as Sony PlayStation’s chief executive, has led to various reactions after other public interventions in the past.

In the same interview, Jim Ryan said that the PS5 has the best lineup on Sony consoles and that he dreams of a world where exclusivity is not imprisoned on consoles.

Veronica Tucker

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