Nordic Walking Boom: 12 High-Tech Gadgets To Take With You

It’s summer, heat too, so it’s time to go to the mountains. For lovers of the outdoors, it is a perfect opportunity to exercise in new places, to discover landscapes that fill the eye and the heart.

One step at a time facing summer An adventure made of rediscovered freedom and boundless reviews. The energy transmitted from the ground to the soles of the feet as you walk the paths is perceived with a tonic step and a mind free of thoughts.

But always paying special attention to safety: the mountain does not allow for distractions. When you decide to walk, make it very popular Nordic Walk Or a simple walk, on a mountain road, is not necessary Don’t underestimate the potential dangers.

From the weather, which must be monitored to avoid unpleasant surprises in the middle of the trip, to the water and food reserves, so as not to lose strength or experience moments of physical weakness, passing through the appropriate equipment, designed according to the type of activity and the course you intend to undertake.

If, for example, you are passionate about Nordic Walking, you can’t ignore preparing yourself for it Right sticksAble to improve balance, breathing and heart activity. Not only that: these accessories help regulate posture, allow you to have rhythm and fluidity, and prevent falls and slips.

And again in terms of equipment, there are many high-tech gadgets that can be useful – if not life-saving – to fully enjoy your day with no worries at all.

One A smart watch that monitors our vital functions, for example, in addition to the milestones you reach in terms of steps, calories burned, kilometers traveled, one To wear a flashlight In case you are in dark environments or fall in the evening, one Thermal bottle capable of self-sterilization And always make sure fresh, clean and one water An indestructible smartphone with a virtually unlimited battery, to avoid the risk of not being able to connect in case of need or refer to online maps and routes.

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Still hesitating about what to put in your backpack? In the gallery above are the indispensable high-tech gadgets that will allow you to safely and freely handle treks, running tracks on walls or paths between tracks.

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