“Now the game is yours,” is the official ending to Baldur's Gate 3

The rest will follow after this announcement

Building on the success that has continued for almost a full year, Baldur's Gate 3 is preparing to experience a complete shutdown of active maintenance by Larian Studios. In fact, the American publisher recently revealed, and without hiding it for some time, that the next update will be the last in a long series and after that the era of Baldur's Gate 3 will end!

The next update for Baldur's Gate 3 will be the last!

Since its release on PC on August 8, 2023, Baldur's Gate 3 has continued to benefit from a whole host of updates that have greatly improved it. Because yes, we often forget it because it was so appreciated despite this situation, but the popular Larian Studios title was extremely buggy at the time of its initial publication, and many of the features that exist today did not exist a few months ago!

Despite this, gamers have taken hold of this work of art and pushed it to the point that it was voted Game of the Year 2023 during the 2023 Game Awards, and that the studio behind its development and version could not have anticipated it. This could have given Larian Studios ideas for expansion in terms of downloadable content, extensions and much more… but no, that definitely won't be the case, and although we've known this for many weeks, it's been formalized It does not leave one indifferent, of course.

It's duringAn interview conducted by Swen Vicky, Director of Larian Studios, with our colleagues at Eurogamer The final decision has been announced once and for all: the next major update for Baldur's Gate 3 will indeed be the last after nearly a year of hard work on the part of the teams dedicated to the game, and this should finally see the introduction of an official tool aimed at supporting mods. It is an opportunity for the publisher to hand over the keys to the game to its players in the best possible way with a planned release date of September 2024.

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End of applause for Baldur's Gate 3? Yes and no !

If Patch 7 has already announced the color of the future active development of Baldur's Gate 3, this does not mean that the game will be completely and permanently abandoned by Larian Studios. According to the studio director himself, the level of support dedicated to this game will simply be gradually reduced until what is absolutely necessary for the game to exist properly is left behind.

Moreover, the arrival of such an important and major tool as official mod support with Patch 7 has a good chance of bringing a whole bunch of new bugs and other issues, and the publisher is aware of this and is already planning not to give up until the more important problems are patched, which requires stabilization of the game. .

Swen Vicke has never hidden her intention to lead Larian Studios to new heights after Baldur's Gate 3. Instead of being busy producing endless content, which, as everyone knows, will gradually end up disappointing despite the arrival of a portion of the community (human is what it is !) This studio has always clearly announced its desire to work on new projects that do not have any direct or remote connection to Baldur's Gate. However, we don't know what project Larian is thinking about at the moment, we'll have to wait a bit before seeing the color and we can't wait!

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