A 3.5 billion year journey through an immersive virtual reality experience

While 'L'Horizon de Khéops' continues to be a huge hit in Bordeaux, Eclipso is also unveiling an impressive new expedition called 'Disappearing Worlds'. A journey back in time of more than 3.5 billion years.

It was launched at the beginning of 2024, shipping “Khufu's horizonIt continued to attract crowds 19-21 Rue Cernin in Bordeaux. A true VR experience immersing yourself in the Egypt of the Pharaohs while staying in an area of ​​over 900 square meters located between Gambetta Square and Meriadec Shopping Centre. “ The results are very good » says Stefan Bertho, COO of Eclipso, a leader in cultural entertainment in virtual reality.

Face to face with the dinosaur

If an end date were put on paper for this hypothetical journey, there is none at the moment. “ Technology has evolved over time, and It is now possible to stream two contents at the same time » explains Stephane Berthoux. And so, while they are in the same place, Several stories can be suggested In virtual reality headsets.

Steve Bertho

direction this time.”Worlds disappeared“! Unique diving More than 3.5 billion years throughout the history of Earth and life. The Big Bang, dinosaurs, the origin of life and much more will be at the heart of the action That's 45 minutes of immersion.

This journey through time and eras will be possible thanks to the virtual guide Charlie and the funny little robot Darwin who will not hesitate to protect the adventurers Big dinosaurs, including a massive tyrannosaurus.

Photo: Excurio

Or “Khufu's horizon“, where Egyptologists and specialists at Harvard University brought their knowledge, Professionals also looked into this new project He led for two years in close cooperation National Museum of Natural History in Paris“, which guarantees” Scientific fidelity and accuracy, as every detail has been thoroughly verified by experts – paleontologists, paleobotanists, evolutionists and even bioacousticians “.

Soon the third exhibition

Underwater, in the tropical forest, on the edge of a cliff, side by side with the first humans on Earth, Major geological periods will be crossedpassing through the present tense and beginning, then ending in the future with Environmental message In the background. ” It is a message of hope and means that in the future we will finally succeed in preserving this ecosystem » Says the operations manager who remembers this adventure Open to all ages from 8 years. ” We have our dean who is 96 years old » Stefan Berthoud smiles. new look, Halfway between education and entertainment that can even spark careers. Paleontologists of the future thanks to virtual reality?

Steve Bertho

The Eclipso teams don't intend to stop there; they also aim to do so A third experience for the fall. ” The idea is to get a new one every six months “Trusts Stephane Berthoux. A well-known artistic movement will be at the heart of this new event that will once again be presented at 19-21 Cernin Street, which has become, once and for all, The first time machine in Bordeaux.

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Practical information

Open Tuesday to Friday from 2pm to 8pm, Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sunday from 10am to 8pm, from €25 to €32. From 8 years and 1 m30 –Website

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