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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Subject to total surgery Reverse engineering With a program specifically targeted at this function by ZRET, it will open the door to anyone Mod and newer versions Of the game.

This function Decomposition It is important to work deeper into the game, allowing changes such as increased clarity, the introduction of new graphics settings and advanced effects such as ray tracing, for example, creating real classic modes, the same scheme used for Super Mario 64 as it did.

The project of ZRETIn particular, it is legally structured because it does not use any assets derived from the original The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. With great functionality, motors and developers are able to completely recreate the game without having to duplicate the code and use the original materials and assets that trigger Nintendo cases.

With the Japanese company, it’s hard to be sure in this sense, considering the aggression that protects intellectual property, but if modders really adhere to these principles, we can see how Zelda’s “new versions” will look: Ocarina time with very different characteristics.

Although the value of the process is not very clear, it represents a truly significant work of the modders community that is apparently very proud of the results achieved at this stage. Also, it’s a situation similar to what GTA’s RE3 project saw, which was condemned by Rockstar Games, but its developers recently counterattacked by claiming that they did not steal any original material.

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