Offline server for suspicious DDoS attack, probably in opposition –

Little Big Planet May have experienced a misery DDoS attack It came with Offline I server Inspired by some of the topics in the series, according to some Resistance From a user who is dissatisfied with how Sony handles ownership, but it is currently circulating in the serial community without any evidence.

All that came out was to confirm it Some online services Related to the Little Pickplanet series has not worked with the studio for several hours recently XDEV This confirmed the offline status of some servers related to the online features of the games.

According to, it came in contact with some members Social Little Big Planet’s crash was created by a DTOS attack deliberately initiated by an individual, which has made the social site unusable for a limited time in recent months.

SOCKBOY: Assuming that a major adventure has begun, it is unclear what the author of the attack should have complained about, although it did not accurately follow the abyss marked by the first Little Big Planet, proving the point in which the series took place. Still from Sony.

In any case, we look forward to any improvements and clarifications on the issue, as well. Information And confirmations that all Little Big Planet features are back online.

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Veronica Tucker

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