Old computer – Cannot boot from DVD or USB

Hello. I hope to be in the right sub-forum.

I’m trying to start an old computer again. The computer has Windows 98 installed on a 40 GB hard disk.

The computer contains a CD-ROM, a floppy disk, and a hard disk. It contains two USB ports. This BIOS uses: CMOS Setup Utility award program 1984-2001

I put a DVD with Linux Mint in the CD drive and changed the boot sequence in BIOS so that the CD comes first. Unfortunately, the DvD doesn’t play as intended, but from the hard drive (with Windows 98). What exactly that looks like can be seen in the pictures. In the pictures you can see the BIOS settings. DVD works by the way, not because of them. Now I am wondering if my CD drive is broken or what is wrong. I also wonder what the strange characters mean after “booting from CD:”. Can someone help me?

Here is my video of when I start my computer: https://streamable.com/mjhiqj

If any additional information is needed please let me know. Thanks to all!

EDIT: I’m a fool who never considered a CD drive can only mount CDs and not DvDs. But why can’t I boot from a USB drive? They are listed in the BIOS, so it should go or not? But the same error occurs. Maybe someone knows what this set of dots and dots means in the video?
By the way, I have Arch Linux on USB, it should be light enough to run on an old computer.

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