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While all the tourism and entertainment sites and cultural festivals in the region announce their reopening day by day, Angevin Andégave supports the restart of this important sector of economic activity in the Greater West with all its services and support. Starting with an innovative mobile app created in the mid-2020s and developed in recent weeks with brand new features. More than 20,000 app downloads have already been made in recent months with several hundreds per day currently. Thanks to specially geolocation, which is a major and innovative function of this type of application, the user can thus discover nearby locations and performances with one or two clicks: festivals, parks, castles, parks, etc.

Puy du Fou, Festival d’Anjou, Zoos des Sables d’Olonne, La Flèche, Newfoundland or Saint Nazaire Port Zones …: There are now nearly a hundred sites or events in the Pays de La Loire region that have adopted the Andégave app For Tourism and Leisure, to communicate about their news and offers, in French and English, via users’ smartphones. “Thanks to the location, the Andégave app allows us to get to know us quickly, especially by vacationers from camping sites on the coast of Vendée,” explains Angélique Chaine, Director of Labyrinthe en Délire at Talmont-Saint-Hilaire. In just one month. “After the testing period that lasted part of 2020, we developed new functions that can be accessed just a few days ago, following feedback from users and partner sites,” continues Guilhem Ménard, Head of Digital at Andégave. “With this app, which has already been downloaded by nearly 20,000 users, we can not only completely immerse ourselves in the sites thanks to augmented reality, but we can also offer discount offers in real time. One way to positively respond to the crisis.”

Among the hundreds of sites and events in the Pays de la Loire region are on the app: Bioparc, Zoo des Sables, Mine Bleue, Les Chemins de la Rose, Saut aux Loups, Château du Plessis-Macé, Festival d’Anjou, Veuve Amiot, Louis de Grenelle , Le Plessis Bourée, Terra Botanica, Bouvet, Natural Parc, Cadre Noir, Parc Oriental de Maulévrier, Zoo de la Boissière, Montreuil Bellay, Puy du Fou, Zoo de Mervent, Zoo de la Flèche, Acrocyme, Laser Game Angers, LUDyLAB, Le Colisée, Cointreau, Explora Parc, UP 2 Play, La Petite Couère, Château de Talmont, Parc Floral de la Court d’Aron, Préhisto site du Cairn, Mystère des Faluns, Labyrinthe en Délire, Legendia Parc, La Folie de fin Farine , Tapped Apples, POP Corn Labyrithe, Combier, Planète Sauvage, Pierre Brune, Gatien Mayer, Camifolia …

Testimonials from tourist sites that have chosen the Andégave mobile application

Sebastian Laurent, Director of the Boissière du Doré Zoological Park (44) and Natur’Zoo de Mervent (85)

“As a partner customer of Andégave for many years, we followed the app they developed with great interest. We are convinced that this new form of digital communication increases our bad reputation among the new, more connected audiences.”

Damian Topolic, Director of Communications and Marketing at Terra Botanica (49)

Terra Botanica is the second amusement park in the Pays de la Loire region. All media should be used to attract and retain more visitors. Since the establishment of the park, we have supported Andégave to promote the park plants in the region and beyond. In addition to other information tools, which are often paper “This new application allows us to provide users with news and offers in real time. In a highly interconnected world, this application is in every way compatible with the new patterns of tourist consumption.”

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Gwladys Fougeron, La Mine Bleue Reception / Reservations Services Manager (49)

“The Andégave Travel and Leisure app allows us to increase visibility and adapt our communications to the different times of the season. Our visitors can find our practical information and other content with just a few clicks.”


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