Old Kindles lose e-book purchases

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(Pocket-lint) – Many Kindle e-readers will lose access to the Amazon Store in August, after which users will not be able to purchase new e-books with the same device.

Users have started receiving emails from Amazon stating which Kindles devices have been affected.

Kindles that will be denied access to the online store starting in August are:

  • Kindle (2nd generation) universal
  • Kindle DX International
  • Kindle keyboard
  • Kindle (4th generation)
  • Kindle (5th generation)

You will not receive an email unless one of the items listed above is associated with your Amazon account.

It is unclear why this unprecedented step was taken. Good e-reader It is suggested that it may be a Transport Layer Security (TLS) issue. Amazon may not be able to upgrade these devices to the latest TLS specification for online privacy. However, this is only speculation at the moment.

In fact, these devices won’t be able to purchase e-books directly, but users will be able to purchase them from the local Amazon retailer’s website and have them automatically loaded onto an older Kindle using the “Deliver to” button on the page.

E-books on any affected Kindles will still be installed.

If you are looking to update your Kindle, we suggest you check out our helpful guide to the latest Kindle models from Amazon here.

Written by Rick Henderson.

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