TV 400 thousand euros disappears into the ground

It’s 165 inches in size and you just have to press a button to see it completely disappear from the room

Foto: C SEED

Austrian brand C Seed has unveiled a new giant TV that breaks the mold: in fact, if we’ve seen so far TV shows that could be damaged, it’s here that they’re introducing us to the world’s first retractable TV to be stored inside Earth.

is called C seed M1 It is capable of displaying 4k images on a large screen quite well 165 inches – 3.65 x 2.05 m – However, as mentioned earlier, what makes it unique is the unusual opening system: in fact, it would be enough to press a button to see it rise from the ground and open up in a cool screen; Conversely, when turned off, it closes in the designated bore without taking up space in the room in which it was installed.

M1 delivers unique entertainment in superb quality without compromising room characteristics: it is the only ideal solution for integrating large TV systems into spacious interiors with a contemporary designSays Alexander Swatik – Managing Partner of C Seed. However, we know that until now miniature displays could not bend like oil paintings, so C Seed saw fit to divide this large screen into Five different offers Attached to hinges, able to expand via the accordion system.

Foto: C SEED

In this regard, to Reducing the appearance of joint cracks It is the AGC technology – adaptive gap calibration – that gives the panels durability. Equipped with a finished aluminum housing, the TV offers an HDMI port, two USB connectors, a serial interface – RS232 – plus an Ethernet connector that is useful for connecting to the Internet.

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According to the manufacturer’s press office, the C SEED M1 will be released in four different colors – silver, gold, black and titanium – within Third quarter of 2021 The son of 400 thousand euros: Delivery is also expected in Italy.

Foto: C SEED

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