Old sins are coming out of the computer and looking better than ever

Long before your kids in trendy shorts and hairstyles escaped from escape rooms, there was an advanced developer on the curve. In 2012, Fireproof Games released their first game room A series of puzzle games. Last week they just came out Room 4: Old Sins On a computer, it’s a spiral.

You may have played well Old sins When it was introduced to e-phones in 2018, it is the flame retardant method that has sold in the millions field Games are portable first, with PC ports emerging later. Except that these aren’t really niches, which is why this one deserves your attention. It was rebuilt from scratch.

Each puzzle is based on the concept of a square puzzle, and the size and detail increase with each iteration. In the best sketches ever made before (as we’ve called them before), incredibly textured wood antiques unfold, slide, rearrange, and majestically turn as you push and hold buttons and rotate the wheels and slide into that wheeled gear. And in the third game titled fictional The third roomThis extended to exploring connected pieces, teleporting to lighthouses, and using magic lenses that allowed you to shrink and peek at intricate puzzle furniture.

Screenshot: Fireproof games / Kotaku

In some ways, Room 4: Old Sins The feature rollers have receded a bit, but we’re still making it look like a step up in coordination. Instead of wandering freely around the palace, trying to remember the bloody hell that happens in his nearly incomprehensible story of “nothingness” and warring scholars and … honestly, I really don’t know – you’ve played all of them once and make no head or tail – that’s all Something, technically, in a play.

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In fact, everything is in one dollhouse. It is just that, with that playful old lens, you are taken into every room in the miniature palace, solving dozens and dozens of interconnected puzzles within it.

Screenshot: Fireproof games / Kotaku

over there And therefore Much of it, with the intertwining elements spread in several places and then applied to the entire doll itself. When black tendrils invade every room, Can?Empty, you feel like another step towards completion, only to reveal another room and a host of new inventory items, locked cabinets, and wooden switches to manage. All of this comes with scary and dangerous background sound effects that highlight the frightening atmosphere of the series.

And as I said, it’s not just a three-year mobile release port. According to Fireproof, this is the time it takes to rebuild the entire game from scratch, this time to take advantage of a significantly stronger infographic and to make it playable with the mouse instead of a finger.

Fireproof explains, “You might know that in Fireproof we don’t transfer our games to the computer, but we’re reformulating them from scratch for a new audience and new platform.” “[We] Nearly 100% of our artwork has been recreated with much higher resolution, energizing and illuminating every person in the game. “

This is something I really appreciate. Not only because it looks great, but because those three years are long enough that I completely forgot all the puzzles from the first time I played it, so I can have fun again. I’ve been doing this for a few days now and enjoying my time doing it. He is outside On Steam Currently.

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