Sold out over one million copies –

Mana’s Tests: A work of art that celebrates the one million copies sold

Japanese action RPG Tests of the mind He has Sold it Than One million copies, Between physical and digital. This was announced by the publisher Square Enix who appointed a celebratory artwork for the event (something you see in the news headline). Remake and not a completely new product, this is a great result, which justifies other types of functionality.

We read others details Taken from the official press release:

One of Mana’s trials Re-creation In the high definition of the third installment of the Mana series, it was first released in Japan in 1995 as Seiken Tensetsu3. This game is an unforgettable adventure, with exciting gameplay and memorable heroes and enemies. Players will create different experiences by creating a group of three unique characters out of the six proposed, and they will embark on an incredible adventure in which they can upgrade their characters’ classes to more powerful forms, learn more than 300 different abilities and discover a world full of secrets and mysteries. In addition, a new playable episode that is not available in the original version will be available at the end of the game, where players will be able to open new classes and face new, more powerful threats.

In addition, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original game, The Appendix 1.1.0, Which includes various updates and new additions that include the “No Future” difficulty level, new options for the new Game Plus and more.

Before departure, we remind you that Mana tests are available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC (Steam). To get more Information, Read our mana reviews.

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