Older Android phones will no longer support many secure websites by 2021

The description of the article entitled Older Android Phones will be disconnected from a large section of the web in 2021

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If you are doing doomscrolling Newspapers on older Android phones may be up to date. Phones running pre-7.1.1 versions of Android will be disconnected from large areas of the secure web from 2021, warns one of the world’s top certification officials, Android Police Saturday report.

Mozilla-Joint Nonprofit Encryption Fellow certification officer said its partnership with the Aidan Trust expires in September. 1, 2021. As there are no plans to renew its cross-signing agreement, we plan to discontinue the default cross-signing for Aiden Trust’s Root Certification DST Root X3 starting January 11th. .

This is a very significant change considering that One-third All web domains rely on company certifications. But since the old software does not trust the root certificate of Lets Encrypt, it may “introduce some compatibility woes,” said lead developer Jacob Hoffman-Andrews. A blog post Friday.

“Some software that has not been updated since 2016 (almost when our root was accepted for many root programs) still does not trust our root certificate, ISRG Root X1,” he said. “Most importantly, it includes pre-7.1.1 Android versions. That means older versions of Android will no longer trust certificates issued by Encryption. ”

The only way for these users is to install Firefox because it relies on its own Certificate Store, which includes the root of Lets Encrypt, although it does not break applications or ensure functionality beyond your browser.

Based on data from Google’s Android Development suite, about 34% of Android devices run older than 7.1. This translates to millions of users who can be disconnected from large areas of the secure web starting in 2021. In short, if you have noticed anything New phones This holiday season will only be worth it if you save yourself a headache later.

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