The color popup feature of Google Photos will be a free and upgraded version of the test for Google One subscribers.

Google Photos is one of the most popular apps on Android, but that’s one thing before you start looking for ways to turn Google Storage Pig into a money making machine. New Tears 5.18 of Photos reveals that Google is thinking about limiting some editing features to Google One members and is the only way to access paid members.

New strings in the app include instructions such as “Get additional editing features through Google One Member” and “Open this feature and get more through Google One Member”. What’s more, it looks like some people are already running wild in this pavilion. The previously available Color Pop filter seems to be part of a test to control its use by paid members.

Filters like Color Pop are tested exclusively on Google One.

At this time it is not clear what features and / or filters will be placed behind the payload. Google Photos Version 5.18 includes new photo processing options and new filters including Dynamic, HDR and Vivid, allowing users to adjust the look of the sky with After Glow, Lake, Ember, Flash, Radiation and Storm options. . If Google ends up publishing a wide range of paid features, they will be newer than ever before for free.

We introduced the new photo print subscription last month, And Google is working on ways to make Google One members more attractive to consumers, Such as providing a free VPN service. Google currently allows users to store unlimited high quality photos and videos in the cloud, so this means that the company is trying to find ways to offset costs. We hope that those who rely on the essential cloud storage features of photos can continue to keep them free.

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Google Photos is 5.18 Now available in APK Mirror, Or wait for the update through the Play Store.

Google told Engadget Reporting that only the upgraded version of Color Popup will require a Google One subscription is not a functionality already available. “In Google Photos, Color Pop is a feature that can be used consistently for in-depth photos (such as portrait mode) without any features,” the spokesman said. “As part of a series of releases that began earlier this year, Google One members can use this feature for many more photos, including those without in-depth information.”

Google Photos
Google Photos

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