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For those who used to follow OM live press conferencesDon’t miss the start with Jorge Sampaoli. Once there, he made it clear that he wanted to settle the matter in a quarter of an hour, or even less in terms of the post-match sessions. This is a problem, given that the questions are varied and varied, and above all this should also be done with translation, which does not allow numbering to be exchanged. The most frustrating thing about this is that Sampaoli makes you want to wait hours because his answers are so fun, especially in football. This happened on Thursday. From your second question, we asked him what he worked on in training this week, as it was the first time since taking office that he did not play a match every three days. He could have, more than the language barrier, content to stay on the surface, only to evoke a deeper knowledge of the workforce. But he clarifies:This time of the week allowed us to come up with common ideas to strengthen the system, but also to make decisions about protecting the ball, the game without the ball and regarding the game with the ball, to play higher. Closer to the corresponding target. In this work, outside of the visible, the field allows us to work on systems to deliver the ball to high-altitude players without needing to land and catch.“. not bad.

Very candid about how to replace the Camara

And it doesn’t stop there. When discussing the upcoming suspension of Boubacar Camara against Nice, he admitted without thinking of a new system:My way of thinking is that it’s hard to replace the Camara, because of his stability, and the confidence he’s able to gain in the position. In the group, we do not have a player with these characteristics. We’ll see if we put players in midfield to get the balls back in the middle of the field. We are working on it. We’ll see if we put either a recovering player plus a player playing the game, or a single player with a profile close to Kamara’s. It is difficult because in the playing characteristics of my team, the round of six must be linked to the central axis and this is the center that has the most visibility of the game. Sampaoli didn’t mention the starting line-up, but it was so: it is clear that the deal has shifted towards what is currently the second half style: 5-4-1 with Payette and Tuven on both sides. In the hub, Pape Gueye should be tied to Michaël Cuisance, unless Valentin Rongier returns from the injury.

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It has nothing to do with the defensive plot

In fact, we can say, in the end, that Sampaoli does what he always wanted Velaz Boa to do with Payet on the left, Thofen on the right and the striker in midfield in front. He just has a chance to count on Melek and not Benedetto in disrepair. But it’s not just about the positions of players on the chart at first, it’s also what they do once they enter the game. And there, we can see that with the positioning of the Lirola, it changes. “In a match with an opponent practicing a direct transfer, we have four players controlling and blocking that transfer. Sampauli still abounds. Other opponents have unexpected transition systems. So for me it’s 3-2-5 or 3-1-6 depending on the opponent’s characteristics. It is important that after an attack on our side, we can recover and start another attack and not be counterattacked. The idea is to prevent the opponent from quickly returning to our surface. We are working on that in a tournament where the opposing players are mostly physical and very fast. ” So the speech is offensive, all that is required is for it to remain that way on the field.

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