On mobile: The European Union proposes digital proof of identity

On the way to digitization, the EU Commission is planning a Europe-wide identification tool.

WithFuture Music from Brussels: Loud official announcement The European Union Commission begins creating a European Digital Identity (EUid). In addition to residents of the European Union, it should be available to all companies in the European Union and combine several functions. It is planned that the owners will be able to prove their own identity in one click on their mobile phones throughout Europe and, if they wish, pass official documents in electronic form. This means important papers such as a driver’s license, diplomas, or even a bank account. For this purpose, users must be able to store all documents in the EUid wallet. However, the details are not yet known.

Diverse application possibilities

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton explains how EUid should help holders in practice. According to the politician, it will facilitate self-acquaintance in the future, among other things, for tax returns or enrollment in European universities. In addition, it should make handling at the airport and renting a car more convenient. The economy can benefit, too: companies large and small have been given the opportunity to offer many new services that require trustworthy identification.

Control your data at all times

One or the other may feel uncomfortable considering such a comprehensive set of personal information. However, users must retain control of their data at all times and be able to decide for themselves who to pass on identity, certificates, and the like. This ensures that the relevant bodies receive only the information they need. There should be no compulsion to accept the offer. In order to move the process forward, the EU Commission recommends that important components such as standards and technical infrastructure be developed by September 2022.

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