Portable cooker with temperature sensor to avoid making mistakes in recipes

By adjusting the power to maintain the set temperature for the desired cooking, Njori Tempo is an easy solution for preparing any type of dish.

To cook well, you must be able Check out the cooking from start to finish. this is for Ngori timeA smart, easy-to-use and capable cooker Monitor the temperature of the food being cooked at all times (in the different modes available), so as to bring dishes that are hard to swipe to the table (as long as you don’t overdo the combinations!).

everything passes temperature sensor Allowing you to check the level of the pan while cooking, so from Adjust the power to maintain the most suitable temperature for cooking. The system is effective even when adding cold ingredients and foods to the pan, and also because it uses the sensor installed inside the tool and automatically corrects the temperature, making it easier to cook any dish. Njori Tempo can be booked, portable and compact, not bulky and quick to start Who is the approx cost 390 EUR (Expense included), with shipments scheduled for February next year.

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