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Without Internal battery And link BSN, PS5 Only a few jobs can be done Disc games, Although not digitally launched: The range from now to the present twenty years may create potential problems in terms of software security.

I then Test Played on the PS4, it would not normally start playing games without an internal battery and BSN, profile Twitter Is it playing? Performed the same test on the new Sony console and got exactly these results.

“The battery was removed and the console was disconnected from the Internet. PlayStation 5 Enters safe mode after the first boot and rebuilds its database. A restart fixes the problem, but at that point the console stops playing digital games, “the report said.

The PS5 digital version was photographed horizontally.

“Physical Sports PlayStation 4 They work well with trophies, however Resident Evil 2 will constantly show an error message when running, saying ‘Something went wrong’. “

As for the PS5 discs, the results are very different, only Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morals can run smoothly, while various Mortal Combat 11 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War bugs and frosts.

The most significant problem for owners is that the battery can prevent the console from playing digital games once it is removed. PS5 digital version, So Sony will release an update to fix it.

The idea behind these tests is to understand how they work on different platforms, as mentioned in the experimental news reports on PS4. Time test.

I mean, if it’s between twenty years now, maybe PlayStation Store As happened to the PS3, PlayStation Vita and BSP, the internal battery may be damaged or have significant limitations that must be discharged.

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