Only true video game fans will get 5/5 in this Blue Hedgehog competition

The mascot of Sega, the great rival of Mario for several years, My voice It featured the video game of the 90s, in which the blue hedgehog conquered with its fast and spooky platform game. But do you really know My voice ? Seriously challenge you!

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Before he was a hedgehog, Sonic had to be…

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Sega’s main idea was to make the blue hedgehog a black and white rabbit that can run very fast.

What mascot did Sonic replace?

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© Sega

Sega’s first mascot is Alex Kid, who struggled to compete with the Italian Nintendo plumber.

In what year was Sonic born?

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© Sega

Although the character sketches started appearing in 1986, they were actually when the game was released. sonic the hedgehog That the blue hedgehog, as we know it, was born.

What is Sonic’s first name?

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© Sega

Specifically, Mr. Needlemouse was the first version of Sonic who died after his world was destroyed and his spirit was reincarnated into the modern day Sonic.

What is the name of the big villain in Sonic?

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I got a degree [[ score ]]/[[ questions ]] Insufficient

The ’90s featured Mario and Sonic, but you seem to have missed it. Find out more about it, you will not be disappointed!

good connoisseur

I got a degree [[ score ]]/[[ questions ]] good connoisseur

It’s a good start! You have some good knowledge about Sonic but you still have things to learn.

You are a real fan

I got a degree [[ score ]]/[[ questions ]] You are a real fan

You know all about Sega’s famous blue hedgehog, play well!

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