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Carbine(evening). Everything has a place in everyday school life: At the beginning of the year, the Kurt Schumacher School regularly introduces itself to parents and pupils who are in the fifth grade in the summer.

The Kurt Schumacher School declared that the day had to be organized very differently, because the big event in which more than 250 families and their relatives went to school was unimaginable.

Soon the team surrounding manager Ursula Hebel Zipper agreed that the Open Day should be presented almost entirely.

The films have been in production since October. That was a new challenge, the principal admits. The goal was to make the show kid-friendly and informative.

With the help of Susan Hennig from the organization team, a professional manager can be found. As the two protagonists in the film sequence, Felix and Lisa, both of whom are members of the theatrical group “The Recruiter”, agreed to take on the main roles. Two fifth graders participated, along with the other students. 8aG, Bücherei-AG and Robotik-AG were involved. Lever-Zipper praises everyone who was enthusiastic and committed to the project. At the end of November there were two days of shooting. The result was several Felix and Lisa Movies. The subjects of these sequences are school tour, daily life in fifth grade, foreign language group as well as science and technology. The movies premiered recently at the Digital Open House.

Video conference
For parents

“Of course, parents, who might be interested in afternoon care, the comprehensive cooperative school concept, foreign language offerings and other important topics, should not be neglected,” explains Hebel Zipper. So informational lectures and presentations of the Director and Deputy Simon Klaus were organized online. There was a videoconference with the parents.

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The Lever-Zipper can also be seen in a welcome movie and heard at an informational lecture on the KSS School Show. There are also films on the musical focus of wind and chorus classes as well as music and social science groups at KSS, information about all-day performances, and student work from the arts department and theater group.

“In the first two days after publication alone, some movies were viewed more than 200 times,” says Hebel Zipper. The virtual school presentation can be viewed on the home page until February 28. “If you have any questions, you can of course send them to the school administration later via email,” the principal said.

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