Bond tools are too old due to delays!

No time to die It will definitely be remembered as the most problematic 007 movie in history: the film that will shut down Daniel Craig’s adventure as a secret agent has now suffered greatly from a slippery slope due to the pandemic, and according to recent rumors, he may have to face another unexpected event.

Due to the constant delays, in fact, the gadgets James Bond has to show off in his new movie They will inevitably be out of dateEspecially considering our habit of always using the latest generation technology.

Tool details have been preserved, but everyone knows James Bond always brings the latest news. The problem is that many of these They were the latest models When they start filming, but by the time the movie hits theaters, it will seem like James Bond and his adventurous buddies are using old stuff. But this is not the real problem. Big companies want to use stars for the latest models in their products To advertise it To their fans. This means that some scenes will need to be edited very carefullyThe sun reads.

Re-filming in Vista, Then? At this point, it seems very likely: the available time, on the other hand, appears to be unavailable (unfortunately, we add). Meanwhile, the new No Time to Die poster reminds us of the film’s Italian release date; According to the latest rumors, it could be Cillian Murphy the new James Bond.

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