Orange Antique Theater: immerse yourself in time 2,000 years ago thanks to virtual reality

This unexpected journey is a unique experience in the heart of this monument classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981, which offers… Edeis which provides a 360 degree strategy serving the attractiveness of communities. “We have 5 main locations in France,” he explains. Mathilde Mooredirector of “three in Orange, the Arc de Triomphe, the Museum of Art and History and the site of the Chorégies, three in Nîmes, the Arènes, the Tour Magne and the Maison Carrée, one in Cherbourg and the Cité de la Mer, another in the Isères, the little train de la Mure, and finally in Lourdes, the Pic de la Mer.” ».

An entire multidisciplinary 3D restoration team worked side by side to produce this 12-minute film: historians, archaeologists, architects, engineers, composers, topographical actors, computer graphics artists, and the world of sound was also taken into account by researchers and engineers. The voice of the world from the Sorbonne and the University of Caen, in about thirty experts.

When you participate in this “Sound Odyssey,” you find yourself backstage from ancient times, equipped with headphones and Dolby stereo headphones and find the ancient theater as it was in its golden age, in the time of the Romans. The first edition appeared in 2018, was more educational and attracted 70,000 spectators. This high-tech approach is more fun and innovative and will enable the renewal of audiences by undoubtedly attracting more young people.

Thanks to this equipment, we find ourselves in the first century BC, on the stage, at the foot of the huge wall that helped transmit the sound towards the audience, and then at the top of the stands, under the enormous red canopy that protected from the sun. The sun, then backstage where we see how the curtain did not fall from the hangers but was stored under the stage and spread out as sailors do on board sailing boats.

© Edis

These immersive technologies mobilize thought and imagination and bring this majestic place to life without forgetting its exceptional acoustics. At least 10 months of development were necessary to bring the film to fruition, with its soundtrack consisting of 16 sources.

While Orange is preparing to rock from June 14 with the Chorégies (Musiques en Fête, Mika, piano rock star Khatia Poniatishvili and Roberto Alagna on “Tosca”), Edeis also presents, during the day, all 30 minutes between 9am. and 8:30 p.m., “Les Secrets du Théâtre,” one of these immersive virtual tours for €5. When the past resonates with the future.


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